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I made this site for my modeling (cars) and for the information on Ferrari model kits.

I also place my own projects on the site to give other people ideas for some things.


The database with pictures of Modelkits, Transkits, Grade-up sets, Decals, enz. is coming along slowly but nicely.

There is a finished section that contains models and other build stuff so have a look there too.

I also have a simple Guestbook

Many Thanks and Enjoy your stay.

Previous update's
 08 Aug 2015  Site - Bug fixing.
 04 Aug 2011  Progress update : Move Air-Trax to Transkit + new, New : Meko Models
 26 Jul 2010  Update : Link page (Added 2 shop addresses).
 18 Jun 2010  Update : Database Fujimi 1/24 (Page 7) & MSM Creation 1/24.
 09 Jun 2010  Update : Modelkits Database - Fujimi 1/24 (Page 7)
 03 May 2010  Update : Modelkits Database - Fujimi 1/24, MFH 1/24

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